Winnie Hanel

profession: first violinist Gelders Orkest
reason:  audition training, pains in upper arm, shoulder and neck 

Maaike has been working with me over the last 8 years, and I am deeply thankful to her for all the knowledge she has been passing on to me. Alexander technique is truly one of the most precious methods for musicians to get to know and handle their body which I have encountered. Maaike is just the right person to teach it, being a splendid violinist herself in addition to her outstanding qualities as a teacher.

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With her unique, friendly and open-minded way of guiding her students, she manages not only to send me out feeling light, relaxed and with all my channels open, but she also gives me very clear tools to go on using the technique on my own in every possible activity in daily life, from music making to riding my bike or sitting in meditation, to mention just a few.
I regularly come back to Maaike in order to get new inspiration and to be surprised by a different aspect of the technique as well as being nurtured by her keen and curious mind. After her lesson I’ll feel happy, reset and enabled to find my own balance again.

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