Sarah Ouakrat

profession: first flute player Ballet Orkest
reason: improving breathing, sound and posture

Although Maaike is not a flutist (but a violinist) she helped me tremendously! She really made me feel my body and freed my breathing. I felt so much more connected to my body while playing and more focused after I learned from her. We usually ended up all our lessons with flute playing and music making. She has such special skills to hear deeply the quality of your sound or your involvement in the music as well as your technical challenges. She was really a coach! I was very surprised that she could hear everything; although it is not her instrument, she is a real musician.

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Later on I became pregnant and I heard from Maaike that she could also help me with my delivery using alexander technique and teach me some positions during all the fases of labor. My partner also came to one lesson to learn how to physically support me in the best ways during delivery. It helped me from the beginning to the end of the birth for both my daughters! I could stay focused and have a lot of alternative positions to handle the pain. And after the first birth, I also went back to Maaike to learn good postures during breastfeeding and re-align my head-neck-back.

Basically, alexander technique helps me in my everyday life now, thanks to Maaike! I use it all the time: sleeping position, music practice, sport, cooking, walking and much more! I try to be aware of it as much as possible.

Maaike was always so positive, such a shiny person and encouraging. I strongly recommend her to everyone! She also borrowed me great books about music, auditions, birth, mental and physical training, she simply gave me the motivation and enthusiasm to reach my goals.

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