Workshop: how to use your computer: does not take place in ’23/’24

A workshop in which you will learn to use a phone/tablet/computer without unnecessary tension in your neck, shoulders, arms. You will learn to maintain a strong, long and widening back, free breathing and thus prevent pain and stress.

Location: Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 45, Amsterdam: 12 min. by tram from Central Station
Teacher: Maaike Aarts
Costs: 70 euro incl. VAT for two workshops of 1,5 hours
Dates: precise dates to be decided amongst participants
Maximum group size: minimum four, maximum eight people

Workshop content

Learning some of the basic principles of the Alexander Technique, including the active-rest procedure.
Learning how to look down from the top of your spine.
Learning how to maintain the length in your back and the width in your shoulders.
Learning how to keep breathing.
The use of the eyes

Bring your phone/tablet/laptop since we will practice this in real situations like sitting, standing, sitting on a sofa, at a desk...  

We will be learning through group work and in games together. You will learn a lot, will be fun!

Please contact me if you are interested or if you have any questions: