Workshop Alexander Technique for singers: does not take place in ’23/’24

This workshop will be in cooperation with Linor Oren, singer and voice teacher at SingWell. Linor writes in her blog: “I remember moments during a singing lesson where I finally did something right. The teacher would yell in amazement at me: “What did you just do?!” I would be perplexed because the only answer I had was: “nothing!”


It was a really strange, awkward moment of understanding. When singing is really good, it feels like you’re not doing anything. This is exactly the principle of Alexander technique.”

Location: Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 45, Amsterdam:12 min. by tram from Central Station
Teacher: Maaike Aarts
Costs: 25 euro for a 1,5 hour workshop
Dates: to be decided amongst participants
Maximum group size: eight people

What makes Alexander Technique so good? Linor writes:

First, it focuses on awareness. If you don’t become aware of your body, you can have as many yoga lessons as you want, you wouldn’t be able to work with your body on your own. Alexander technique works first of all on that element of paying attention.

Second: because it’s working with your consciousness, it’s the easiest method to use in the long term. The benefits of Alexander last longer because they’re mental. You could get out of shape physically but Alexander’s principles will stay with you. 

Good to try it out!

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