Alexander Technique summer week, 2-8 July 2022, North France

Treat yourself to some time for yourself, stunning nature and wonderful food in the beautiful small village of Fontaines.
Find more relaxation in your body, stillness and better coordination in activities like walking, swimming, computer/desk work and much more!
Do you prefer running? Or do you want to work mainly with your musical instrument? It’s all possible. Participants can bring in their own preferred activities.
You will get four individual lessons, six morning workshops and seven group workshops on different subjects.

Teachers: Maaike Aarts en Doris Hochscheid

Costs: The total price includes course fee, all meals, and will be between € 871 en € 1180 for six days depending of the chosen accommodation. Travel costs and alcoholic drinks are not included.

More information?

Do you want to take part? send an e-mail to: