Workshops Alexander Technique


Every year I offer a variety of workshops. Click on a workshop below to see whether it is something for you. Mostly they are meant for smaller groups of 6-8 people. They take place in my nice studio in Amsterdam IJburg. Be welcome!

Alexander Technique summer week, 31 July – 6 August, North France

Treat yourself to some time for yourself, stunning nature and wonderful food in the beautiful small village of Fontaines. Find more relaxation in your body, stillness and better coordination in activities like walking, swimming, computer/desk work and much more! Do you prefer running? Or do you want to work mainly with your musical instrument? It’s all possible. Participants can bring in their own preferred activities. You will get four individual lessons, six morning workshops and seven group workshops on different subjects. Read more >

Workshop: how to be healthy using your computer, tablet or phone?

A workshop in which you will learn to use a phone/tablet/computer without unnecessary tension in your neck, shoulders, arms. You will learn to maintain a strong, long and widening back, free breathing and thus prevent pain and stress. Read more >

Introduction workshop

Are you curious whether the Alexander Technique is something for you? Would you like to see what it is about in a small group in a relaxed setting and atmosphere? Please be welcome at my studio. You can subscribe by writing me an email: Read more >

Workshop Alexander Technique for singers

This workshop will be in cooperation with Linor Oren, singer and voice teacher of SingWell. Linor writes in her blog: “I remember moments during a singing lesson where I finally did something right. The teacher would yell in amazement at me: What did you just do?! I would be perplexed because the only I answer I had was: nothing!” Read more >

Workshops: freedom and flow for musicians
season 2019/2020

This is a course of nine workshops between now and July for musicians who want to refresh and deepen their skills of the Alexander Technique, and experience more coordination, flow and freedom in their playing. Read more >

Workshops audition training

A course of 5 workshops in which you will prepare for an audition by (re)connecting with the music, finding back your inspiration, thinking helpful thoughts, preparing smartly and efficiently, finding out what works for you. Read more >

Workshops: reed making

A course in which you will learn to prevent unnecessary tension while reed making. Instead, you will learn to perform this daily day activity with less stress, a soft long neck, shoulders resting and free breathing. 
Read more >

Workshop: the chin- and shoulder rest set-up

A course in which you will learn to see the influence of our mind/body use and the position/ height/ shape of your chin- and shoulder rest on your right/ left hand technique and freedom of playing. Read more >