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The Think Up Alexander Technique app will help you to:

– release excess tension 
– change unhelpful habits
– sit & stand in a more balanced way
– free up your breathing,
– find greater calm
– enhance your mindset 
– respond more consciously to life’s stimuli
– move more efficiently
– expand your awareness

The great thing about the Alexander Technique is that you can use it while leading your daily life. But life is very busy and sometimes you forget to practise, or feel you could get a little help with practising.

This Think Up app will help you apply the Alexander Technique to many daily life activities, enhancing flow, balance and ease in many things you do.

After downloading this app you can listen to audio guides while sitting, walking, running, driving, sleeping, breathing, speaking, lying down in active rest, standing, carrying a backpack, bending, computer work etc..

There are two free video’s:
‘What is Alexander Technique?’ and ‘Practical tips on lying down in active rest’, and six free audio guides: 
‘Lying down in active rest -version 1’, ‘Standing’, ‘Desktop computer’, ‘Music – general tips’, ‘Reprogram your brain’ and ‘Basic principle 1: Stopping’.

Curious about the rest? After taking out a subscription for a small monthly fee you’ll have access to all the other 100+ audio guides, organised according to activity and classified into 10 categories.

Do you want to get to know me first? Watch the short introduction video to my app:

Here are some reviews:

Before I go on stage I really like to listen to the app while I lie down in active rest; it helps me to perform with much more ease, freedom and joy! 
Marleen Asberg, first violinist Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

The voice of Maaike is so clear and warm that her words keep on sounding in my head in difficult situations on stage. Very valuable and helpful.
Anonymous review, Google Play store

I recommend this app to all my viola students. The guides for active rest are wonderful- and so are the daily warm up guides.  My favourite is the wonderful advice in the music section- not only for the practicing but the one about reprogramming your brain and getting ready to perform. Incredibly helpful!
Asdis Valdimarsdottir, viola professor Royal Conservatory The Hague

This app has helped me set a really positive mindset to my practise! The app is also very convenient time wise: there are a lot of audios you can use in your every day activities, even on very busy days (on the bike, sitting on the train)!
Marilia, viola student Royal Conservatory The Hague

Maaike’s THINK UP app is an absolutely FABULOUS resource and I recommend it wholeheartedly!
I regularly use the ‘lying down in active rest’ audio guide as a part of my pre-concert routine: I put on my headphones, lie down on the floor with my knees up and my head on a few books and let Maaike’s calm voice guide my body to a physically relaxed, yet mentally alert state – absolutely perfect! Thank you Maaike!

Emily Beynon, solo flutist Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra