Welcome to my
Alexander Technique practice
in Amsterdam

Why Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a practical method of re-education that will offer you:

  • how to move well co-ordinated in all your daily activities while breathing freely
  • how to be upright and balanced without creating unnecessary tension
  • how to prevent unhelpful habitual patterns and use your brain to learn helpful habits instead
  • how to think helpful thoughts that will encourage coordination and peace of mind
  • how to feel good by being in the moment, connected to yourself and to the space around you

The Alexander Technique will address your thinking, coordination and feeling unity:

  • how to use your thinking in order to swim or do computer work without getting neck pain, noticing you are breathing more fully
  • how to use your thinking to coordinate yourself better in order not to get stuck while playing a difficult passage in a musical piece, feeling lighter
  • how to think in order to prevent stress and nervousness, feeling more calm and connected

....in this way it can help prevent and relieve complaints like neck-back-shoulder pain, joint pain, RSI, stiffness, performance anxiety, stress.

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Would you like to get to know the Alexander Technique in a relaxed setting in a group workshop first? Click here.