Welcome to my
Alexander Technique practice
in Amsterdam

Why Alexander Technique?

Frequently mentioned benefits are:

  • relief and prevention of neck-back-shoulder-pain, joint pain and RSI
  • more inner calm, less stress
  • release of unnecessary tension
  • improved breathing
  • more efficient and supple movements
  • better learning and improved concentration
  • more self confidence, mental strength
  • easily balanced, tall, tense-free sitting and standing

The Alexander Technique can help you to:

  • change unhelpful habits
  • expand your self-awareness
  • respond more consciously to life’s stimuli
  • improve balance in sitting, standing, sport etc.
  • improve performance in music, dance, drama, sport
  • improve the use of your voice
  • improve concentration, focus, mindset
  • prevent injuries
  • have more energy
  • support pregnancy and childbirth

Alexander Technique is normally taught individually.
To make an appointment for a private lesson, click here.

Would you like to take part in workshops with other enthusiastic Alexander Technique students and go more deeply into a specific topic? Or are you interested in Alexander Technique retreats?
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Last year I developed a brand new Alexander Technique app, for iOS and Android phones. Curious? Read more.

Watch me introduce myself and the app in this short video:

Watch my video ‘What is Alexander Technique?’: