Welcome to my
Alexander Technique practice
in Amsterdam

Why Alexander Technique?

Would you also like to experience greater flow, inner calm, and relief of tension in your daily life? The Alexander Technique is a well-kept secret amongst professional musicians, actors and dancers.

It’s a re-educational technique that will improve your coordination and posture without effort, resulting in more confidence, efficient movement, and free natural breathing.

You will learn to move more smoothly, release unnecessary tension and stand or sit in a more balanced way. This will relieve stiffness, backpain, neck pain, RSI, stress and lots more, and prevent it all from happening again in the future!

Would you like to...

  • ...be more coordinated in your daily activities while breathing freely?
  • ...be upright and balanced without creating unnecessary tension?
  • ...prevent overly tense habitual patterns and learn helpful habits instead?
  • ...think helpful thoughts that will give you flow and peace of mind?
  • ...learn to be in the moment, connected to yourself and to the space around you?

If so, then the Alexander Technique is for you!

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Alexander Technique is normally taught individually. To make an appointment for a private lesson, click here.

Would you like to take part in an Alexander Technique introduction workshop in a relaxed setting? Click here.

Would you like to take part in a workshop with other enthusiastic Alexander Technique students or go more deeply into a specific topic? Click here.