Alexander Technique and auditioning

14 Feb 2013

Doing an audition is mentally and physically demanding. It causes most musicians more nervousness than a regular concert because it is an unnatural situation from a musical point of view (the screen, lack of applause, short fragments taken out of their musical context, the absence of a complete musical composition, being overly focused […]

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10 Oct 2011

The best weapon against performance anxiety is to totally immerse yourself in the music. Most musicians can remember their most fantastic concert: how effortlessly they played, enjoying every note and feeling the music in every fibre of their being. Psychologists call this flow. How can you increase the chances of experiencing this flow?

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Performance anxiety

31 Dec 2010

The Alexander Technique can help you with the following:
1. Accepting your performance nerves so that you can focus more attention on the music
2. Learning well-coordinated movements
3. Learning to study in an efficient, positive and calm manner
4. Developing a healthy internal dialogue…

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