Alexander Technique and happiness

16 Feb 2012

Alexander Technique is something you put into practice while doing everyday things: queuing in the supermarket, washing the dishes, playing the violin. It feels wonderful to think about it again and again: I feel how my body moves in a well-coordinated way, as if it had been oiled. I feel supple, light and free; as if I am effortlessly riding my bike with the wind behind me.

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The art of achieving change

22 Dec 2011

First of all, one thing we can say for certain is that ingrained habits are extremely difficult to change…..Alexander Technique is unique in that it increases your awareness of both your body and mind: to really achieve change it is necessary to deal with both at the same time, in this way they can have a reinforcing effect on each other, greatly improving your chances of success.

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12 Oct 2011

In the world of jogging, the main emphasis is on strength and stamina of the muscles, heart and lungs. However, many joggers are particularly weak where balance and coordination are concerned: jogging with as little as possible excess muscular tension in the neck, shoulders, arms and legs […]

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10 Oct 2011

The best weapon against performance anxiety is to totally immerse yourself in the music. Most musicians can remember their most fantastic concert: how effortlessly they played, enjoying every note and feeling the music in every fibre of their being. Psychologists call this flow. How can you increase the chances of experiencing this flow?

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