Flow and Freedom for Musicians

15 Sep 2018

A course of nine workshops for musicians who want to refresh and deepen their skills of the Alexander Technique.

Location: Amsterdam IJburg
Teacher: Maaike Aarts
Costs: 315,- euro incl. VAT (nine workshops)
Maximum group size: eight people

Workshop content:

1. All inclusive awareness
2. The positive ‘no’
3. Head neck back, standing and sitting
4. Arms and shoulders, hands
5. Breathing, the jaw, the tongue
6. Spirals
7. Performance anxiety, practicing
8. Auditions, typical orchestra/chamber music problems and solutions
9. Flow

Of course there is room for your own questions and interests, so feel free to share those with me in the first session!

Possible schedule:

I am well aware of the crazy schedules musicians have due to tours and irregular work hours. So these dates are a proposal and we will work the exact dates out together.

Proposal: nine Tuesday afternoons (from 15.30-17.00 hrs.) October 2, October 30, November 6, December 18, January 8, February 12, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4.

What will you learn?

We will be able to experiment, think outside the box and have fun!

Advantages of regular group work are: the games you can do together, learning from each other, developing your skill in observing coordination and awareness in others (your students!), having a regular reminder, and getting inspiring new ideas that you can put into practice the next month.

You will deepen your Alexander Technique skills and refresh your ability to re-coordinate your brain so you can prevent overly tense movement patterns, consciously choose to be aware of yourself and the space, coordinate yourself better, think helpful and healthy thoughts, connect to your feelings, communicate with other musicians, have more natural easier breathing and freedom of expression.

It will be a very practical series of workshops with lots of examples from daily life as a musician.

Please contact me if you are interested: m@thinkup.nl