Alexander Technique and auditioning

14 Feb 2013

Doing an audition is mentally and physically demanding. It causes most musicians more nervousness than a regular concert because it is an unnatural situation from a musical point of view (the screen, lack of applause, short fragments taken out of their musical context, the absence of a complete musical composition, being overly focused […]

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Pregnancy and childbirth

26 Aug 2012

The Alexander Technique can help you during pregnancy in a number of ways:
You will learn to keep moving with suppleness and ease. Especially during the final months you will feel far more comfortable if you know the best way to sit, stand, lie down, walk and turn over in bed with your ever-growing belly […]

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A rushed lifestyle

18 Apr 2012

Nowadays I mostly leave on time…I feel the bike tyres touching the road, I see the houses passing from out of the corner of my eye and I let pedestrians cross first when I approach a zebra crossing. I don’t think about where I have to go, instead I am conscious of where I am in the present moment. When I succeed in doing this, I am suddenly and instantly free of the need to hurry, the worry about arriving too late and any other inner stress.

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Alexander Technique and happiness

16 Feb 2012

Alexander Technique is something you put into practice while doing everyday things: queuing in the supermarket, washing the dishes, playing the violin. It feels wonderful to think about it again and again: I feel how my body moves in a well-coordinated way, as if it had been oiled. I feel supple, light and free; as if I am effortlessly riding my bike with the wind behind me.

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